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Want to effortlessly reduce and compress MP4 online for free without losing quality?

This free tool will help you to compress MP4 online, optimize them for the web, and seamlessly convert them to a smaller size for easy sharing and faster site loading. compress MP4 online

To compress MP4 online, simply click Choose File, select the MP4 video file, and download the compressed MP4.

Ready to optimize and compress MP4 online...

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How to Compress MP4 Online?

Here are the steps to compress MP4 online for free:

  1. Choose MP4 Video

    Click on the Choose File button and select the MP4 video (.mp4 file) from your computer, laptop or phone that you want to compress (or optimize). choose MP4 file

  2. Wait for the Compression to Complete

    After choosing the file, you will see that the video file gets uploaded and the tool automatically starts to compress the MP4 video. single MP4 file getting compressed

    You can choose more than one video file to reduce their size. This tool does not limit the number of videos. multiple MP4 files getting compressed

    Slide through the videos to view previously uploaded .mp4 videos whose file sizes have been compressed.

  3. Download The Compressed MP4

    Once the MP4 video has been compressed, a download button appears on the video. download compressed MP4 file

    As you click on the download button, the compressed MP4 gets downloaded on your device.

How do I Reduce MP4 Video Size Online Without Losing Quality?

To reduce MP4 video size online without losing quality follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Choose File button.
  2. Select the MP4 video whose size you want to reduce without losing quality.
  3. Wait for the reduction process to complete.
  4. Download the reduced video file.

What is MP4?

MP4 (or the .mp4 file) is one of the most popular video extensions that is used widely around the world to download, upload, stream and view video files.

MP4 stands for MPEG-4 Part 14.

It was first released on 2001.

MP4 video files have been developed based on the Apples MOV video format.

MP4 files can store videos, images and subtitles.

Smartphones usually store videos on .mp4 file format and this is the reason why MP4 files have become so popular in a short time.

MP3 and MP4 are not same. Though they sound like MP4 is the upgraded version of MP3.

But in reality they are completely different.MP3 files are used for audio files whereas MP4 files are used for videos.

MP4 files have a lossy format that is it loses some data whenever a video file is saved in this format.

What is MP4 Compression?

MP4 compression is the process of reducing the file size of a video file by altering the FPS, resolution, CRF or the bitrate without getting much difference in the quality of the video.

Frame Per Second or simply FPS is the frequency or speed through which each frame of the video will be displayed on the screen.

30 FPS simply means to display 30 frames (or images) of the video file in 1 second.

But what happens when we compress MP4?

When we compress MP4 files, each frame in the video that has an image gets broken down into pixels and only the data that has been changed from one frame to other gets stored and other repeated data gets deleted.

This is how the video files gets compressed by deleting repeated data that is not at all required.

MP4 compression is lossless as because some of the data gets deleted during its compression.

Advantages of MP4

Following are the advantages of using MP4 file format:

  • Used on multiple platforms

    MP4 files are a very popular format for storing videos. These files can be easily used to stream video on the internet. Almost all the major platforms like YouTube, facebook, instagram, snapchat etc. supports mp4 videos.

  • Have a high amount of compression

    MP4 files have a high amount of compression level. They can easily get compressed without getting much difference in the quality of the video.

    Compressing MP4 files reduces its size drastically which can help us to store more video files in a limited storage space.

  • Can attach metadata

    MP4 files can not only store audio and video, but it is also used to store meta data about the video files. We can easily store video subtitles in a .mp4 file.

    Meta data is the data about the video file.

  • Support from open source

    MP4 files get a huge support from open source. There are a lot of open source softwares like the VLC Media Player that fully support MP4 files.

    We can easily open MP4 files for free using this open source software.

Disadvantages of MP4

Following are some of the disadvantages of using MP4 as video file format:

  • Has a lossy compression

    MP4 files have a lossy compression which means that if we try to compress MP4 files then some of the data gets lost from the MP4 file.

    The lost data generally do not affect the quality of the video as only the data that gets repeated is deleted from the file.

  • Easily removes metadata and can be distributed illegally

    MP4 files stores metadata of the video file. But these data are easy to get rid of and hence makes it easy to distribute MP4 files illegally.

  • Difficult to edit

    MP4 files are very difficult to edit. Editors and film makers face a lot of difficulty when working with .mp4 files.

    Many a times the video and audio of the file get out of sync and the editors have a hard time fixing it.

    Because an MP4 file can store all sorts of information from audio, video to metadata, these files uses a lot of computing power of the machine.

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