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Want to effortlessly reduce and compress WebP image online without losing their quality?

This free tool will help you to compress WebP image online, optimize them for the web, and seamlessly reduce them to a smaller size for easy sharing and faster site loading. Optimized WebP images

To compress WebP image online, simply click 'Choose File', select the WebP image, and download the compressed WebP.

Ready to compress and optimize your visuals...

Its time to SHRINK and SHINE.

How to Compress WebP Image Online without losing quality?

Here are the steps to compress WebP image online (without losing quality):

  1. Choose WebP Image

    Click on the Choose File button and select a WebP image (.webp / dot webp file) from your computer or phone that you want to compress. Choose WebP image file

  2. Wait for the Compression to Finish

    After choosing a file, you will see that the file gets uploaded and the WebP compressor automatically starts to compress WebP image online without losing quality. Single WebP image getting compressed

    You can choose multiple WebP images to reduce their size. This tool does not limit the number of images. Multiple WebP files getting compressed

    Slide through the images to view previously uploaded images whose file sizes have been reduced. Multiple compressed WebP images

  3. Download The Compressed Image

    Once the .webp file has been compressed, a download button appears on the optimized image. Download compressed WebP images

    As you click on the download button, the compressed WebP gets downloaded on your device.

What is WebP?

WebP (also known as the .webp file) is the modern image format which was developed by Google in September 2010 for webmasters and web developers.

This file format was made by the intention to replace other image formats like JPEG, PNG, etc.

It stands for Web Picture Format.

It has become widely popular because of its extremely small size.

WebP is pronounced as Web-P.

JPEG has lossy compression while WebP uses the lossless compression. WebP images can get 30% more smaller than compared to JPEG.

What is WebP Compression?

WebP Compression means to reduce the size of the WebP file.

WebP file has lossless compression which means if we reduce the size of the file by optimizing its data, the quality of the image does not get reduced or lost.

Webp images also offers lossy compression.

It was developed by the Google on September 2010.

How do I reduce the size of a WebP image?

To reduce the size of a WebP image, first click on the Choose File button and select the image that you wish to reduce. Wait for the reduction process to complete and then download the reduced WebP image.

How does this tool help me to optimize WebP image online for the web?

Optimizing WebP images for the web is a crucial step in enhancing our website's speed and performance which can directly impact user experience.

Start optimizing your WebP images (or animation) using these simple steps:

  1. First tap on the Choose File button.
  2. Choose the WebP image that you want to get optimized.
  3. Wait until the image gets optimized perfectly.
  4. Once optimized, a Download button appears on the image. Click to save the image to your preferred location.

What is the difference between JPEG and WebP?

JPEG and WebP are not same. There are a lot of differences between JPEG and WebP images.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group while WebP stands for Web Picture Format.

WebP has a .webp extension while JPEG has a .jpeg or .jpg extension.

WebP offers both lossy and lossless compression while JPEG has a lossy compression.

WebP images have a way smaller file size than that of the same image with a JPEG extension.

WebP images supports animation and transparent background while the JPEG image does not.

Webp images are faster than any other image formats (JPEG, PNG etc.)

WebP images have a faster loading speed (because of their small size) than other image formats which makes them really good for SEO.

WebP images are better than JPEG, PNG.

What browser should I use to compress WebP image online?

WebP is fully supported by all major browsers.

Whether you are on chrome, safari, edge etc. we can easily compress webp image online.

Why is Google saving photos as WebP?

WebP was developed by Google with the intention to replace other image formats like the JPEG, PNG etc.

Images when saved in WebP format usually have a smaller size than that of other formats.

This is why Google saves photos in the WebP format.

Is WebP lossy or lossless?

WebP images provide both lossy and lossless compression.

In lossy compression, the webp images file size gets reduced by deleting some of the images internal data. Lossy compression decreases the quality of the image.

In lossless compression, the size of the .webp images is reduced without affecting the quality of the image.

Both lossy and lossless compression of WebP images supports transparency.

Can this tool compress WebP image online for free?

Absolutely! This tool will help you to compress WebP image online for free.

Moreover, there're no usage limits unlike most of the tools out there.

FreeCompress provides a free tool that helps users to compress WebP image online and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

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